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Candid Beer

Build Your Own 12 Beers of Christmas

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This is the Christmas Gift of your dreams - 100% satisfaction guaranteed because you choose what beers go in the box!

Here's how it works:

1. Add our 12 Beers of Christmas Box to your cart.
2. Select up to 12 beers to go inside - add them to you cart.
(Hint: whilst we hope you'll choose 12 beers from us, you could mix and match from elsewhere if you're working to a budget... and please note: Arbor 568ml cans won't fit!).
3. If you've chosen 12 beers from us, we'll do the rest - load it up ready for you to give or enjoy! If you've decided to mix and match, we'll box the cans separately so you can build the calendar as you please.

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